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The New Simple In Test Automation Development

Use Bolt to cater test automation requirements without any code writing


Driver Script


Test Cases

Object Repository


Test Data

Hybrid Driven Framework

Hybrid Driven Framework is a combination of both the Data-Driven and Keyword-Driven frameworks. Keywords and the test data are externalized. Keywords are stored in a separate Java class file and test data can be maintained in a properties file or an Excel file.​

Hybrid Driven framework is commonly used by resource testers who don’t have much knowledge of programming languages.

The resource can just have an understanding of Keywords, Test data, and Object repository and start creating the test case right away, without having to code anything in the framework.

What is Bolt?

BoltTestAutomationBuilder is an open-source hybrid (window application) test automation framework that provides all the major components to support any web application test requirements.

It is based on hybrid framework architecture and helps to write, edit, execute and report automated test.

Explore the New Simple In Automation Testing

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Build Test Suite:

Explore [Build Test Suite] from the end user perspective to build test automation use case(s) from scratch without any code writing or framework setup.


Edit Test Suite:

Explore [Edit Test Suite] from the end user perspective to edit/modify test automation use



Execute Test Suite:

Explore [Execute Test Suite] from the end user perspective to execute test automation use case(s) and result analysis.


Automation Test Report:

Explore [Automation Test Report] from the end user perspective to analyse test report(s) and test result(s)


Bolt {Interface}

Bolt interface helps to create test automation step blocks, were predefine keywords have


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